Departments of our company :  

Western Patent Medicines Exp. Dept. - Our main products for exports include antibioticals, antipyretics & analgesics, antimalaria, antineoplastic agents, respiratory agents, vitamins, steroids drug, infussion products etc., which are sold in various forms and specifications including powders for injection, tablets, capsules and granules, liquid for injection,infusion ,about over 200 specs of medicines.  

Medical Equipment Exp. Dept. - Our business covers: Medical Equipment, Surgical Dressing, Hospital Material, Personal Health Products, Health item. We have obtained ISO and CE certificates. Our sales network spreads more than 80 countries and areas in the 5 continents of the world. Our registered brand "KIP" enjoys good reputation in Southeast Asia, Hongkong, South America and so on.  

Chinese Patent Medicines & Health Products Exp. Dept. - Producing and sale chinese patent medicines (such as tablets, capsules, pills, cream, agent, oil), health products, health drink products, Chinese medicinal liquor which can nourishing and conditioning human body, and other traditional Chinese health products.Which has sold more than 60 years ."YANG CHENG BRAND", "XING QUN BRAND" and "CHU KIANG BRAND" , with the famous brand enjoy the reputation of the world.  

Herbs & Spices Exp. Dept. - Our business scope mainly covers: 1) Chinese traditional herbal medicines which are over 500 items, including Herbs,Animal medicines & Mineral medicines. 2) Spices, such as: Cassia lignea, Turmeric, Dried ginger, Star aniseeds, Galangal roots, Safflower, Fennel seeds, White/Black papper, etc.  

Medical Equipment Imp. Dept. - Business main scope: clinical diagnostic equipment, assaying instrument and analyzer, clinical theraphy equipment, laboratory equipment, optical and cosmetology equipment, maintain parts & consumables, bio-chemical reagent, electric machinery.  

Pharmaceutical Raw Material Imp. Dept. - Import & export business of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, lab equipment, surgical instrument, electric machineries, intermediates, flavours, red wine, traditional chinese medicines, herbs and spices.  

Pharmaceutical Imp. Dept. - Main import pharmaceutical products, chemical products, psychotropic substances; national distribution Difrarel, Biafine (trolamine) cream; distribution Germany “TONTARRA” medical operating tools; main export sanitaryware, pharmaceutical products etc.  

The First Trading Dept. - The department can undertake import and export business of various products. The main products of our department are Diaformin (made in Australia) which is a high efficient medicine for diabetics, Zactin (made in Australia) used for depression, and Cefteram Pivoxil material drug that made in Sorth Korea. Our corporation is the general agent of these products in China.  

2nd Business Dept. - Main export products: basic hospital equipment, diagnosis and therapy equipment, clinical assaying equipment, dental equipment, plaster and cataplasm, acupuncture products, etc.  

Marketing Center - Marketing center engages in promoting medicines and medicinal coating materials. We have built up a mature distribution network and an expert marketing team covering hospital system, trading, retail and manufaturing of medicines and medicinal coating materials in the whole country.